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  • what are the benefits of booking a photoshoot?
    there are tons of benefits to investing in content for your brand. for brands, photos can provide at least one entire season of fresh content to be used across multiple platforms: social media, website, marketing, print, etc. one shoot alone can elevate a brand's overall look and expand their online network and reach. ​ for both brands and individuals, photoshoots create a unique opportunity to tell your story and, more often than not, discover or reignite a newfound sense of purpose and confidence in your mission. (it's fun as hell too.)
  • how does the process work?
    step 1: submit a contact form in as much detail as you can. step 2: book a free consultation. we'll take 30 minutes to introduce ourselves, chat through your needs, goals, and inspirations, what's possible from my end, and any initial questions you may have. we'll also cover price factoring details such as number of looks, models, products, budget, and availability. step 3: finalize finer details, inspiration, and planning. if you decide to move forward, we'll work together via email and/or phone call to finalize the budget, date, time, location, and other scheduling details. it's also time for the fun stuff! we'll begin to nail down the overall vibe and inspiration of your shoot via mood boards. I'll begin gathering applicable options for you to pick from such as talent, styling, makeup, any materials we may need, etc. step 4: finalizing an itinerary a week or so before your shoot, I'll put together an itinerary which will lay out all of the details of how we'll be utilizing our time the day of. I'll send it over to you for approval, and make any necessary revisions. step 5: shoot execution it's finally time for us to go all out! we'll use the shoot itinerary to guide us through our time together. step 6: delivery after 3 weeks, you've got photos! available via online access for up to 6 months.
  • how much does a shoot cost?
    due to the highly customized nature of my shoots, all pricing is project-based. quotes are impacted by an array of factors such as time, turnaround, location, set design, materials, equipment, number of products, models, looks/styling, hair, makeup, etc.
  • do you require a deposit to book?
    I require a non-refundable minimum of 25% to book your spot. I may require more depending on the budget size and planning lift.
  • do you take payment installments?
    yes I do! your balance must be paid in full before I can deliver your photos.
  • what if I need to cancel?
    any cancellations must be alerted at least 48 hours before your shoot date/time. cancellations made after the 48 hour mark will be required a $75 fee to reschedule. weather-related cancellations are always understood and rescheduled for free at your soonest convenience.
  • how long does editing take?
    my standard editing window is 3 weeks, however this could vary depending on the nature of your shoot.
  • how many photos will I get in return?
    the number of photos depends on the project size, however we can talk through what will make the most sense for what you're looking for.
  • can I post photos online?
    you can post the photos wherever you like (instagram, facebook, tiktok, your website, etc.) just tag me if you can, please!
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